BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio LibraryEncoderWinampAACplus FieldsBASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library

The EncoderWinampAACplus type exposes the following members.


Public fieldAACPlus_Bitrate
--br: bitrate in kbps, default 128 kbps.
Public fieldAACPlus_EnableParametricStereo
--ps: Enable Parametric Stereo (bitrates up to 56000, only with HE-AAC, default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_HE
--he: Encode as HE-AAC (supports bitrate up to 128000, default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_High
--high: Encode as HE-AAC+ with high bitrates (supports bitrate up to 256000, multichannel not supported, default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_IndependedStereo
--is: Independed Stereo, disables Joint Stereo M/S coding (default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_LC
--lc: Encode as LC-AAC (supports bitrate up to 320000, default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_Mono
--mono: Encode as Mono (default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_Mpeg2Aac
--mpeg2aac: Force MPEG2 AAC instead of letting the encoder choose (default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_Mpeg4Aac
--mpeg4aac: Force MPEG4 AAC instead of letting the encoder choose (default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_PNS
--pns: Enable Perceptual Noise Subsitution (default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_PreferDualChannel
--dc: Prefer Dual Channel (default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_Speech
--speech: Tune for Speech encoding (default=).
Public fieldAACPlus_UseMp4Output
Box the output to a MP4 container using the .m4a output file extension (default=).
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