BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio LibraryDSP_StreamCopy MethodsBASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library

The DSP_StreamCopy type exposes the following members.


Public methodDispose
Implement IDisposable.
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public methodDSPCallback
User defined DSP callback function which does the stream copy operation. Not for direct use in your application!
(Overrides BaseDSPDSPCallback(Int32, Int32, IntPtr, Int32, IntPtr).)
Protected methodFinalize
Finalization code.
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public methodOnBypassChanged
Occures when the SetBypass(Boolean) method was called.
(Overrides BaseDSPOnBypassChanged.)
Public methodOnChannelChanged
Occures when the ChannelHandle has been changed.
(Overrides BaseDSPOnChannelChanged.)
Public methodOnStarted
Occures when the Start method was called. Actually creates the StreamCopy custom push stream here.
(Overrides BaseDSPOnStarted.)
Public methodOnStopped
Occures when the Stop method was called. Actually frees the StreamCopy custom stream here.
(Overrides BaseDSPOnStopped.)
Public methodRaiseNotification
Fires the Notification event.
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public methodReSync
Re-Synchronizes the StreamCopy with the ChannelHandle when using BASSmix mixer channels.
Public methodSetBypass
Sets the Bypass mode.
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public methodStart
Assigns the DSP to the channel (actually starts using the DSP).
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public methodStop
Stops (removes) the DSP from the channel.
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public methodToString
Returns the name of the DSP.
(Overrides BaseDSPToString.)
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