BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio LibraryTAG_INFO FieldsBASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library

The TAG_INFO type exposes the following members.


Public fieldalbum
The Album name.
Public fieldalbumartist
The Album Artist name (Band/Orchestra/Remixer).
Public fieldartist
The Artist name.
Public fieldbitrate
The estimated bitrate of the track in kBit/sec.
Public fieldbpm
Beats Per Minute.
Public fieldchannelinfo
Public fieldcomment
The Comment text.
Public fieldcomposer
The Composer (as a string).
Public fieldconductor
The conductor (or director) of the content.
Public fieldcopyright
The Copyright (as a string).
Public fielddisc
The disc number (as a string, either '99' or '99/99').
Public fieldduration
The estimated duration of the track in seconds.
Public fieldencodedby
The EncodedBy (as a string).
Public fieldfilename
The name of the file (only available, if set in the constructor or manually)
Public fieldgenre
The Genre (as a string).
Public fieldgrouping
Content groups are collections of media to which individual files may belong. For example, an audio file may be a song that is a track on one compact disc that is part of a boxed set.
Public fieldisrc
The International Standard Recording Code (a 12 digit unique alphanumeric number).
Public fieldlyricist
The Lyricist, Songwriter (as a string).
Public fieldmood
The mood of the content.
Public fieldproducer
The Producer (as a string).
Public fieldpublisher
The Publisher, Label (as a string).
Public fieldrating
The rating of the content (e.g. 0=unrated, 1-20=poor, 21-40=average, 41-60=good, 61-80=very good, 81-100=excellent).
Public fieldremixer
The Remixer, Modifier (as a string).
Public fieldreplaygain_track_gain
The track replaygain gain value in dB between -60.0 and +60.0 dB.
Public fieldreplaygain_track_peak
The track replaygain peak level value as a float value between 0.0 (silence) and 1.0 (0dB).
Public fieldtagType
The type of TAG being read (one of BASSTag).
Public fieldtitle
The song title.
Public fieldtrack
The track number (as a string, either '99' or '99/99').
Public fieldyear
The Year (as a string, typically in the format YYYY or YYYY-MM).
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