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The SHOUTcast type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAdminPassword
SHOUTcast server admin password (the "AdminPassword" config item on the server's config file).
Public propertyAdminUsername
SHOUTcast server admin user name (the "admin" username which should be used for certain actions).
Public propertyEncoder
Returns the encoder interface which is used with this instance.
(Inherited from StreamingServer.)
Public propertyForceUTF8TitleUpdates
Gets or Sets if title updates (via UpdateTitle(String, String)) should in any case use UTF-8 (default is ).
(Inherited from StreamingServer.)
Public propertyIsConnected
Returns , if connected and logged into the SHOUTcast server - else .
(Overrides StreamingServerIsConnected.)
Public propertyLastError
Gets or Sets the last streaming error.
(Inherited from StreamingServer.)
Public propertyLastErrorMessage
Gets or Sets the last streaming error message.
(Inherited from StreamingServer.)
Public propertySongTitle
The current/last song title.
(Inherited from StreamingServer.)
Public propertySongUrl
The current/last song url.
(Inherited from StreamingServer.)
Public propertyUseBASS
Gets if native BASSenc should be used to connect and stream to the server (as specified in the constructor).
(Inherited from StreamingServer.)
Public propertyUseSHOUTcastv2
Gets or sets, if the SHOUTcast v2 protocol should be used?
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