BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio LibraryBASSEncode EnumerationBASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library

Namespace: Un4seen.Bass.AddOn.Enc
Assembly: Bass.Net (in Bass.Net.dll) Version:

public enum BASSEncode

  Member nameValueDescription
BASS_ENCODE_DEFAULT0 Default option, incl. wave header, little-endian and no FP conversion.
BASS_ENCODE_NOHEAD1 Do NOT send a WAV header to the encoder.
BASS_ENCODE_FP_8BIT2 Convert floating-point sample data to 8-bit integer.
BASS_ENCODE_FP_16BIT4 Convert floating-point sample data to 16-bit integer.
BASS_ENCODE_FP_24BIT6 Convert floating-point sample data to 24-bit integer.
BASS_ENCODE_FP_32BIT8 Convert floating-point sample data to 32-bit integer.
BASS_ENCODE_FP_AUTO14 Convert floating-point sample data back to channel's format
BASS_ENCODE_BIGEND16 Big-Endian sample data.
BASS_ENCODE_PAUSE32 Start the encoder paused.
BASS_ENCODE_PCM64 Write PCM sample data (no encoder).
BASS_ENCODE_RF64128 Write RF64 WAV header (no encoder).
BASS_ENCODE_MONO256 Convert to mono (if not already).
BASS_ENCODE_QUEUE512 Queue data to feed encoder asynchronously.

The queue buffer will grow as needed to fit the data, but its size can be limited by the BASS_CONFIG_ENCODE_QUEUE config option (0 = no limit); the default is 10000ms. If the queue reaches the size limit and data is lost, the BASS_ENCODE_NOTIFY_QUEUE_FULL notification will be triggered.

BASS_ENCODE_WFEXT1024 Send the sample format information to the encoder in WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE form instead of WAVEFORMATEX form.

This flag is ignored if the BASS_ENCODE_NOHEAD flag is used.

BASS_ENCODE_CAST_NOLIMIT4096 Don't limit the data rate (to real-time speed) when sending to a Shoutcast or Icecast server.

With this option you might disable the rate limiting during casting (as it'll be limited by the playback rate anyway if the source channel is being played).

BASS_ENCODE_LIMIT8192 Limit data rate to real-time.

Limit the data rate to real-time speed, by introducing a delay when the rate is too high. With BASS 2.4.6 or above, this flag is ignored when the encoder is fed in a playback buffer update cycle (including BASS_Update(Int32) and BASS_ChannelUpdate(Int32, Int32) calls), to avoid possibly causing playback buffer underruns. Except for in those instances, this flag is applied automatically when the encoder is feeding a Shoutcast or Icecast server.

BASS_ENCODE_AIFF16384 Send an AIFF header to the encoder instead of a WAVE header.
BASS_ENCODE_DITHER32768 Apply dither when converting floating-point sample data to integer.
BASS_ENCODE_AUTOFREE262144 Free the encoder when the channel is freed.
BASS_ENCODE_FLAC_NOCOUNT16777216 BASSENC_FLAC addon flag: Do not count the encoder output to make available from BASS_Encode_GetCount (with BASS_ENCODE_COUNT_OUT). This saves a bit of processing. It also prevents casting (via BASS_Encode_CastInit) or serving (via BASS_Encode_ServerInit) the data, so it should not be used in those cases
BASS_UNICODE-2147483648 Cmdline is Unicode (16-bit characters).
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