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The WMAcast type exposes the following members.


Public methodConnect
Establishes a connection to the WMAcast server (network or publishing point).
(Overrides StreamingServerConnect.)
Public methodDisconnect
Disconnects from an WMAcast server.
(Overrides StreamingServerDisconnect.)
Public methodDispose
Implement IDisposable.
(Inherited from StreamingServer.)
Protected methodFinalize
Finalization code.
(Inherited from StreamingServer.)
Public methodGetListeners
Returns the number of listeners currently connected (only if UsePublish is set to ).
(Overrides StreamingServerGetListeners(String).)
Public methodGetStats
Returns the XML stats of the server.
(Overrides StreamingServerGetStats(String).)
Public methodLogin
Performs a login and initializes the WMAcast server.
(Overrides StreamingServerLogin.)
Public methodSendData
Sends sample data to the underlying WMA encoder.
(Overrides StreamingServerSendData(IntPtr, Int32).)
Public methodUpdateTitle(String, String)
Updates the song title of the streaming server.
(Overrides StreamingServerUpdateTitle(String, String).)
Public methodUpdateTitle(TAG_INFO, String)
Updates the song title of the streaming server.
(Inherited from StreamingServer.)
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