BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio LibraryTAG_INFOReadPicturesFromDirectory Method (String, Boolean)BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library
Scans the directory of the filename location for additional pictures and adds them to the internal picture tags (see PictureCount for details).

Namespace: Un4seen.Bass.AddOn.Tags
Assembly: Bass.Net (in Bass.Net.dll) Version:

public void ReadPicturesFromDirectory(
	string searchPattern,
	bool all


Type: SystemString
An optional search string, such as "*.jpg" or "Album*.jpg" or to scan for default images.
Type: SystemBoolean
to add all found images to the picture list or to only add the first found image.

When scanning for default images (searchPattern is ) the following order will be used:
  1. <filename>.jpg -
  2. <filename>.gif -
  3. <filename>.png -
  4. <filename>.bmp -
  5. Folder*.jpg -
  6. Album*.jpg -
  7. <album>.jpg -
  8. <album>.gif -
  9. <album>.png -
  10. <album>.bmp -
In the above list <filename> resp. <album> will be replaced by the actual tag content field values.

This methods adds any found pictures to the internal picture tags.

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