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The MidiInputDevice type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAutoPairController
Gets or Sets if Channel Messages (a MidiShortMessage) with a ControlChange should automatically be paired (default is None).
Public propertyCode exampleColtrollerPairMatrix
Sets the controller pair matrix to automatic combine any ShortMessage with a StatusType of ControlChange.
Public propertyDevice
Returns the device handle for this input device.
Public propertyDeviceID
Returns the device id (number) which was used to create this instance.
Public propertyIsDisposed
Returns , if this class is being disposed.
Public propertyIsOpened
Returns if the Midi input device is opened - else .
Public propertyIsStarted
Returns if the Midi input device is started and recording messages - else .
Public propertyLastErrorCode
Returns the last Midi error code (see MIDIError for possible values).
Public propertyCode exampleMessageFilter
Gets or Sets the filter to be applied (messages types which should be suppressed).
Public propertyProcessErrorMessages
Gets or Sets if erroneous Midi messages should also be processed.
Public propertyShortMessage
Gets the current (last) MidiShortMessage which was received from the Device.
Public propertySysExBufferSize
Gets or Sets the maximum buffer size for system-exclusive messages (between 2 and 65536, default is 1024).
Public propertySysExMessage
Gets the current (last) MidiSysExMessage which was received from the Device.
Public propertyUser
User instance data to be used when providing system-exclusive messages.
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