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The EncoderFLAC type exposes the following members.


Public fieldFLAC_Blocksize
-b: Specify the blocksize in samples (the default is 1152 for -l 0, else 4608).
Public fieldFLAC_CompressionLevel
-0..-8: Defines the compression level (default is 5) between 0 (fast) and 8 (best).
Public fieldFLAC_CustomOptions
The custom parameter string, which should be used, if the FLAC_UseCustomOptionsOnly property is set to .
Public fieldFLAC_Lax
--lax: Allow encoder to generate non-Subset files (default is ).
Public fieldFLAC_NoPadding
--no-padding: Suppress writing a PADDING block of 4096 bytes (default is ).
Public fieldFLAC_Padding
-P: Tell the encoder to write a PADDING metadata block of the given length (in bytes) after the STREAMINFO block (default is off).
Public fieldFLAC_ReplayGain
--replay-gain: Calculate ReplayGain values and store in Vorbis comments (default is ).
Public fieldFLAC_UseCustomOptionsOnly
Use the FLAC_CustomOptions parameter string only (default=).
Public fieldFLAC_UseOgg
--ogg: When encoding, generate Ogg FLAC output instead of native FLAC (default is ).
Public fieldFLAC_Verify
-V: Verify a correct encoding by decoding the output in parallel and comparing to the original (default is ).
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