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The EncoderNeroAAC type exposes the following members.


Public fieldNERO_2Pass
-2pass: Enables two-pass encoding mode. Note that two-pass mode requires a physical file as input, rather than STDIN.
Public fieldNERO_2PassPeriod
-2passperiod: Overrides two-pass encoding bitrate averaging period, in milliseconds. Specify 0 (zero) to use least restrictive value possible (default).
Public fieldNERO_Bitrate
-br: Choose a nominal bitrate to encode at. Attempt to encode at a bitrate averaging this. Takes an argument in kbps.
Public fieldNERO_CustomOptions
The custom parameter string, which should be used, if the NERO_UseCustomOptionsOnly property is set to .
Public fieldNERO_HE
-he: Forces use of HE AAC profile, HEv2 features disabled (default is ).
Public fieldNERO_HEv2
-hev2: Forces use of HEv2 AAC profile (default is ).
Public fieldNERO_HintTrack
-hinttrack: Generates an RTP hint track in output MP4 file (default is ).
Public fieldNERO_LC
-lc: Forces use of LC AAC profile, HE features disabled (default is ).
Public fieldNERO_Quality
-q: Specify quality between 0.00 (low) and 1.00 (high) (default=0.4), instead of specifying a particular bitrate (NERO_Bitrate).
Public fieldNERO_UseCBR
-cbr: Enables the constant bitrate mode (default is ). When enabled CBR is generated, else VBR is generated.
Public fieldNERO_UseCustomOptionsOnly
Use the NERO_CustomOptions parameter string only (default=).
Public fieldNERO_UseQualityMode
Use Quality-Mode? (default is ).
Public fieldNERO_UseSSE
Specifies, if the "neroAacEnc.exe" (, default) or the "neroAacEnc_sse2.exe" () command-line tool should be used.
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