BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio LibraryEncoderLAME FieldsBASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library

The EncoderLAME type exposes the following members.


Public fieldLAME_ABRBitrate
--abr: Specify average target bitrate in kbps desired (instead of quality). Set to 0, if this option should be disabled (default).
Public fieldLAME_ATHControl
--ath...: ATH control.
Public fieldLAME_Bitrate
-b: Constant (or minimum allowed) bitrate in kbps, default 128 kbps.
Public fieldLAME_Copyright
-c: mark as copyright (default=).
Public fieldLAME_CustomOptions
The custom parameter string, which should be used, if the LAME_UseCustomOptionsOnly property is set to .
Public fieldLAME_DisableAllFilters
-k: keep ALL frequencies (disables all filters), can cause ringing and twinkling (default=).
Public fieldLAME_DisableBitReservoir
--nores: disable the bit reservoir (default=).
Public fieldLAME_EnforceCBR
--cbr: Enforce use of constant bitrate.
Public fieldLAME_EnforceISO
--strictly-enforce-ISO: comply as much as possible to ISO MPEG spec (default=).
Public fieldLAME_FreeFormat
--freeformat: produce a free format bitstream? (Default is ).
Public fieldLAME_HighPassFreq
--highpass: frequency(kHz), highpass filter cutoff below freq.
Public fieldLAME_HighPassFreqWidth
--highpass-width: frequency(kHz) - default 15% of highpass freq.
Public fieldLAME_LimitVBR
Use variable bitrate (VBR) limitation (Default is ).
Public fieldLAME_LowPassFreq
--lowpass: frequency(kHz), lowpass filter cutoff above freq.
Public fieldLAME_LowPassFreqWidth
--lowpass-width: frequency(kHz) - default 15% of lowpass freq.
Public fieldLAME_Mode
-m: The encoding mode (stereo, joint stereo, mono etc.).
Public fieldLAME_NoASM
--noasm: disable assembly optimizations for mmx/3dnow/sse.
Public fieldLAME_NonOriginal
-o: mark as non-original (default=).
Public fieldLAME_PresetName
--preset: Preset name must be "medium", "standard", "extreme", "insane" or a value for an average desired bitrate and depending on the value specified, appropriate quality settings will be used.
Public fieldLAME_Protect
-p: error protection. Adds 16-bit checksum to every frame (default=).
Public fieldLAME_PSYallShortBlocks
--allshort: use only short blocks (default=).
Public fieldLAME_PSYnoShortBlocks
--noshort: don't use short blocks (default=).
Public fieldLAME_PSYnoTemp
--notemp: disable temporal masking effect (default=).
Public fieldLAME_PSYnsSafeJoint
--nssafejoint: M/S switching criterion (default=).
Public fieldLAME_PSYuseShortBlocks
--short: use short blocks when appropriate (default=).
Public fieldLAME_Quality
Noise shaping and psycho acoustic algorithms (default is Quality).
Public fieldLAME_ReplayGain
--replaygain: ReplayGain analysis (Default is None).
Public fieldLAME_Scale
--scale: Scale input (multiply PCM data). Set to 1.00 (default) for no scaling.
Public fieldLAME_TargetSampleRate
--resample: target sampling frequency of output (in Hz). Set to 0 (zero) to use automatic resampling (default).
Public fieldLAME_UseCustomOptionsOnly
Use the LAME_CustomOptions parameter string only (default=).
Public fieldLAME_UseVBR
Use variable bitrate (VBR) (Default is ).
Public fieldLAME_VBRDisableTag
-t: disable writing VBR LAME Tag? (Default is ).
Public fieldLAME_VBREnforceMinBitrate
-F: strictly enforce minimum bitrate, for use with players that do not support low bitrate mp3.
Public fieldLAME_VBRMaxBitrate
Specify maximum allowed bitrate in kbps, default 320 kbps.
Public fieldLAME_VBRQuality
-V: Quality setting for VBR (default is VBR_Q4).
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