BASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio LibraryDSP_IIRDelay PropertiesBASS.NET API for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library

The DSP_IIRDelay type exposes the following members.


Public propertyChannelBitwidth
This property returns the actual bitwidth of the sample data of the channel (e.g. 8, 16, 32).
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyChannelHandle
Gets or Sets the channel that the DSP is being applied to.
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyChannelInfo
Gets the BASS_CHANNELINFO of the assigned ChannelHandle.
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyChannelNumChans
This property returns the actual number of channles of the sample data BASS is using with the channel (e.g. 1=mono, 2=stereo, etc.).
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyChannelSampleRate
This property returns the actual sample rate in Hz of the sample data BASS is using with the channel (e.g. 44100).
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyDelay
Gets or Sets the Delay in number of samples (default is 4096).
Public propertyDelaySeconds
Gets or Sets the Delay in seconds (e.g. 0.01 for 10ms - between 0.0 and 60.0).
Public propertyDitherFactor
Gets or Sets the dithering bitdepth of the triangular probability density function (TPDF) - default is 0.7.
Public propertyDSPHandle
Returns the actual DSP handle (or 0, if the DSP has not been assigned to the channel).
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyDSPPriority
Sets or reassigns the priority of the DSP, which determines it's position in the DSP chain - DSPs with higher priority are called before those with lower.
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyDSPProc
Returns the actual DSPPROC (callback delegate) which is used by the DSP.
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyFeedback
Gets or Sets the feedback factor of the processed signal between 0.0 (none) and 1.0 (full) which should be stored in the delay buffer - default is 0.5.
Public propertyIsAssigned
Is the DSP assigned to an active channel? (=assigned, =not assigned).
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyIsBypassed
Returns if the DSP is currently bypassed (=bypass).
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyUseDithering
Gets or Sets, if Dithering should be used (default is ).
Public propertyUser
Gets or Sets the value of the user instance data to pass to the callback function (see DSPCallback(Int32, Int32, IntPtr, Int32, IntPtr)).
(Inherited from BaseDSP.)
Public propertyWetDry
Gets or Sets the Wet/Dry ratio between 0.0 (dry, unprocessed signal only) and 1.0 (wet, processed signal only) - default is 0.5.
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